Want to Build a Great Volunteer Team? Use These 5 Cues from the NFL Draft

Do you need more volunteers?  I'm 99.9% sure the answer is "yes."  If that's you, then here's some help...from the NFL draft.

Recently I was watching the NFL draft.  Teams drafted new players with the hope that it will make their team more successful.

As I watched the draft and the process leading up to it, I realized there are some cues we can learn from this that will help us build our volunteer teams.  Here they are. 

#1 - Look for people who are a good fit for your team.  NFL teams not only look for players who have talent, but also for players who will be a good fit for their team culture.
Look at character as much as you look at credentials. (tweet this) 
Take time to sit down with prospective volunteers and interview them.  Find out not just what they do, but who they are.  Find out what their skill set is.  Find out what their passion is.  If you'd like a list of questions we ask prospective volunteers, you can get them at this link. 

#2 - Individually invite people to join your team.  In the NFL draft, players are individually drafted by a team.  This is also the best way to build a volunteer team.  You don't build a volunteer team by mass appeals, you build a volunteer team by personal, individual asks.  That's the way Jesus built His team of disciples...one at a time...come...follow Me.

#3 - New people bring new energy to a team.  Teams draft players knowing that a new, dynamic player can bring fresh energy and excitement to the team.  New team members also bring new energy and excitement to a volunteer team.  Is your team tired?  Just going through the motions?  Hit a plateau?  Adding a new team member can turn things around.

#4 - Invite people to be part of something bigger than themselves.  Players who are drafted are excited to be part of something bigger than themselves.  They have made it to the next level.  They have the opportunity to be part of something that only a small percentage of football players ever get to do...be part of an NFL team.  They are joining a vision...a cause...a dream to be part of a team that wins the Super Bowl.  

Everyone longs to be part of something bigger than themselves.  When you invite people to join your volunteer team, make sure you are inviting them to a big vision...a big calling...a big opportunity.  Your team has the greatest cause in the world...sharing the Gospel with kids and families.  People are drawn to a big vision.  People are drawn to a great cause.  People are drawn to an opportunity to make a significant impact.  People will line up to be part of a winning team! 

#5 - Get them connected.  Have you noticed what happens as soon as a player is drafted by a team?  They immediately give them a team hat and shirt.  They quickly identify them as part of the team.  They connect them.

The same should be true with the people you bring on your team.  Get them connected as soon as they are officially on the team.  A team shirt...a team name tag...however you decide to do this...get them connected...physically...
emotionally...and relationally.

Connected volunteers plug in.  Connected volunteers are happy.  Connected volunteers establish relationships that make them feel like part of a family.  Connected volunteers last.

Want a winning volunteer team?  It all starts by bringing the right people on your team in the right way.

Your turn.  The floor is yours.  What are some other tips we can learn from the NFL draft?  Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.