A Simple But Powerful Way to Encourage Your Volunteers

One of our staff members is doing an amazing job of building her team.  She oversees guest services and has grown a thriving team of leaders.

This past weekend, during their pre-service huddle time,  she gave all the volunteers Post-It notes.  She challenged them to use the Post-It notes to write words of love and encouragement to other people on the team and then stick them to each person's back.

At one of the services, the team loved the activity so much, they decided to go through the church and do the same thing for people who were serving in other areas.  They began "Post-It Bombing" volunteers throughout the church.

One of the people they gave an encouragement note to was Rachel.  Rachel is a police officer who helps keep our hallways safe on Sundays.  Rachel was so encouraged that she sent us a text thanking us for the Post-It's she received.  She also sent 2 pictures (see below) of the notes.  She has laminated them and put them up at her desk at the police department. 

This is a simple but powerful way to encourage your volunteers...and have them encourage one another.  Try it out!