Planting Seeds of Greatness in the Lives of Kids

Did you see Ryan Murphy win an Olympic gold medal this past week in the 100-meter backstroke?

Even cooler was the story behind his achievement.  When Ryan was 8-years-old, he drew this picture for his parents.

Ryan's parents helped plant and nourish seeds of greatness inside him.  They encouraged him, invested in him and believed in him each step of the way.

Here's the good news.  There will be a Ryan sitting in your church this weekend.  Will you plant seeds of greatness in his or her heart?  Will you nourish the potential God has placed inside him or her?  Will you speak words of hope, encouragement and confidence into his or her life?  Will you look beyond what is and see what can be?

There is gold inside the heart of every child.  Help them see it and fulfill the destiny that God has for them.