Pre-Teen Serving Project 2016 (An Inside Look)

Serving is one of the key factors to seeing kids stick with their faith into their high school, college and adult years.  When you give kids the opportunity to live out their faith by serving, they will respond.

In addition to providing kids with opportunities to serve during the school year, we also do a major serving project with them during the summer.  Instead of paying registration costs for "fun" activities or trips that are all about them...they pay for the opportunity to serve others (registration costs go toward transportation, supplies, food, etc.).  And they love it.  Below are a few pictures from this summer's serving project.

If you really want to see the kids in your ministry grow spiritually, get them serving.  There is something about serving that ignites a child's faith and causes exponential growth.  Looking back at my own journey, it was when I begin serving as a teen that my spiritual life was changed.

We tell kids to "sit still and be quiet" and then we wonder why we can't get them to serve as adults.  It's because we told them not to!  It's time we let kids be the
...right now...they can serve...they can be used by God...
they can make an impact...they can change the serving temperature of your church.

What are you waiting for?  Ask them and watch what happens!