Use Instagram to Tell the Story of Your Children's Ministry

If you want to take your children's ministry to where people are, Instagram is a key platform to consider.  At the time of this writing over 500 million people are on Instagram.  5-0-0-m-i-l-l-i-o-n!  That's a lot of peeps.

Millennials make up 73% of Instagram users.  And Millennials are the young parents in your church and community.  69% of Millennials check Instagram at home, 39% before going to sleep and 33% when they wake up.

One of the biggest reasons Instagram is so popular is because it is visually driven instead of text driven.  And that's what people want.  We live in a visually driven culture.  Over 30 billion pictures have been shared on Instagram.

Instagram is a place for visual storytelling and it's a great way to share the story of your children's ministry.   You can share the story of your children's ministry by posting pictures & short videos of kids (with parents' permission), volunteers, events and special moments.  Parents and volunteers can follow, like and share your posts. 

Here's an example of our Instagram if you'd like to see it.  You can also visit our Instagram page at

Are you using Instagram to help tell the story of your children's ministry?  We'd love to see your posts.  Share your user name / link in the comment section below.