5 Ways to See Families Create Christmas Memories at Your Chuch

Christmas offers churches a great opportunity to help families create spiritual memories.  It's one of the key times during the year when families are actively looking for ways to do this.

Are you ready to maximize this opportunity to impact families?  Here's 5 ways you can see families create Christmas memories at your church.

#1 - Family photo spots.  Families love to take pictures.  Especially during Christmas.  Be intentional about creating photo spots and you can be sure families will use them.  This can be as simple as a backdrop with a sign that says "Family photo spot."  Here are a few other helpful tips for enhancing your family photo spot.

  • Have some props available that families can put on or hold for the picture.  An example would be an empty photo frame they can hold in front of themselves or some Christmas hats they can put on. 
  • Have a volunteer stationed there to take the pictures for the families.  The families will want to use their own camera, but it's great to have someone there to take the picture so they can all be in it. 
  • Have your ministry logo or name in the picture.  One thing you can be sure of.  The families will post the picture they take on social media (which is another reason you want them to use their camera).  Placing your ministry logo, name or website in the background or on the props will help spread the word that your church loves families.
#2 - Memorable moment in the service.  Families love to worship together at Christmas.  Plan one or more special moments in the service where families make a spiritual memory together.  This could be something as simple as lighting candles together. 

#3 - Family Advent calendar.  Provide families with a family advent calendar.  Each day have a simple activity or moment that families do together.  An example would be reading Luke 2 together or singing Silent Night together or watching a short Christmas video together on YouTube.

#4 - Live nativity.  A live nativity is a great way to help families make Christmas memories together.  You may have families in your church who can provide animals for this or check with some local farmers.  Have the nativity available for families before and after your Christmas services.

#5 - Family Christmas craft/activity area.  Another great way to help families create Christmas memories is to have activity/craft centers set up where families can make crafts or do simple activities together before or after your Christmas services.  Here's a few ideas for this.
  • Gingerbread houses. If you have the budget for it, you can provide the supplies for families to make gingerbread houses together.
  • Christmas cookie decorating.  Have icing, sprinkles, etc. available for families to decorate their cookies. 
  • Christmas ornaments.  Purchase some simple wooden ornaments and have markers, glue, glitter and other supplies available for families to make their own family ornament.  This is another great opportunity to have your ministry name or logo pre-printed somewhere on the ornament.  You can be sure, the kids will take the ornament home and hang it on their tree for years to come if they help make it. 
  • Make a Christmas card for a soldier, fireman, policeman, shut-in, etc.  Have supplies available for families to make a card that will be delivered to one of the above.  
Your turn.  What are some ideas for helping families make Christmas memories at church?  Share your thoughts and ideas with everyone in the comment section below.