Dec 9, 2016

If Disney Ran Your Children's Ministry (book interview with Nick Blevins)

Recently, I did an interview with my friend, Nick Blevins, to discuss ideas for leadership, vision and building volunteer teams from the new book, If Disney Ran Your Children's Ministry.

You can listen to the interview below or at

If you'd like a copy of this groundbreaking book, order today.  There are only a few copies left of the first printing at


I have a question when I go to order the book it says the price is $18.99 instead of $15.00. Am I doing something wrong?

18.99 is the total including shipping.

I ordered the Ebook, but when I went to download it didn't. So I paid on my credit card and now no book???

Hi Patty, I just emailed you. We sent the download link back on Jan. 1. Wonder if it got caught in your spam filter. Let me know and we can try sending it again. Thanks.

Hi Dale!

I will be purchasing this book this week! I am trying to get a Children's Ministry going at the church I currently work at as an Administrative Assistant. I'm in graduate school for my masters in Pastoral Ministry, but focusing on Children's Ministry. I also have a BS in Elementary Education.

Hey Minnie, great to hear from you. Exciting to hear you are going to be part of children's ministry. Best place to server ever!

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