Children's Ministry Leader, You Got This!

Monday morning.  You're probably reflecting back on the weekend.  It may have been a great weekend or it may have been not-so-great.  You may be walking into a new week full of confidence or, if you're like me, sometimes wondering if you've got what it takes to lead the ministry.  Some Mondays you're ready to charge forward to reach the world for Christ and other days you're just seconds away from resigning. 

Leading a ministry is full of highs and lows.  Great weekends where you see God move in miraculous ways in the kids' and families' lives, and ho-hum weekends where you wonder if you're really making any difference at all.  It's part of the journey.

Wherever today finds you, I want to encourage you and reassure you with 3 words.  YOU GOT THIS!   You are called, equipped and empowered by God.  You've got this because God has you.  You are not alone in this.  He is with you.  Even when you don't feel like He is.

When I was in high school,  I lifted weights to improve my sport's skills.  One of my mentors was a power lifter named Ralph.  He was a big, strong man who had been lifting for years and he could lift hundreds of pounds.  He agreed to be my workout coach and helped me.  When I got ambitious and tried to bench press an amount that pushed me to my limits, he was there to spot me.  If I got stuck, ran out of energy or the weight was too heavy for me, Ralph would grab the weight bar and help me lift it back into place.  As long as Ralph was there, I knew I was okay. There was no weight too heavy to try, as long as he was there.

I remember one time I decided to work out alone.  In my youthful zeal, I tried to bench press a heavy amount...without Ralph there to help me if I got stuck.  Sure enough, I got the bar down, but when I tried to push it back up...uh go.  I was stuck there with a heavy weight on my chest without Ralph to help me.  I panicked and after several minutes was finally able to roll the bar down my body and get out from under it.  And yes, it was painful and dangerous.  I learned my lesson that day.  Never try to lift a heavy weight without a spotter to help you.

Do you feel weighted down by the ministry today?  Wondering if you can keep going?  Is the load you're carrying about to do you in?   Be encouraged.  You've got this because you have a ministry spotter named Jesus.  He is with you.  Depend on Him, trust Him and ask for His help and the heavy burden will become light.  You weren't meant to carry the weight of the ministry alone and you don't have to.  Take a deep breath.  Whisper a prayer to Jesus.  It's His ministry anyways.  Put the weight on Him.  He can handle it.

You got this because God has you in His hands!