“People always give me the credit, [but] it was a team.  We did it together.  Harvey was more than a sidekick.  Robin and I had fun.  The proof in the pudding is 30 years later, we’re all still friends.  We all talk to each other [and] hang out together.  There was a bond that remains to this day.  Marc made room for everyone.  He would try to make everybody in the studio a part of the show.  Marc and I are the same age, and we grew up watching that kind of television where the viewer was in on the joke.  He really made a lot of that happen.”

A children's ministry that kids love starts with a team of volunteers that work well together and enjoy serving together.  Kids can sense when the leaders of a ministry are unified.  Unity and teamwork is the foundation of a ministry that kids love.  Without this, buildings, programs, curriculum and the bells and whistles will fall flat.  Make building a solid team of volunteers your number one priority.

Think outside the box.  They were willing to take creative risks and push the envelope with new ideas that had never been tried before.

“If it had been something that they had done 10 times before, maybe they would have given us more parameters and instruction.  That kind of freedom is so rare.  Nickelodeon was willing to take a chance.  They really encouraged us to try insane stuff.  As long it wasn’t too off the wall, they would let us pretty much do everything."

Children's ministries that capture the heart of kids are willing to try new, creative things.  They think outside the box and challenge the status quo.  They try things that the average ministry shys away from. 

Target kids and their parents.  They made sure to include parents in the programming.  Some of the jokes were geared for parents.