20 Funny Things Only Those in Children's Ministry Know About

Thought today we'd take a look at the humorous side of children's ministry with "20 Funny Things Only Those in Children's Ministry Know About."  Hopefully this will bring a smile to your face and lighten your load a little today.  Be encouraged. There's nothing like serving in children's ministry!  Wouldn't trade it for any other ministry in the world!

1. The correct pronunciation of baptism is "bababatized."

2. The go-to-answer for any review question when you get stumped is "Jesus."

3. Getting asked by the cashier at Target or Walmart or Costco why you are buying 50 bags of cotton balls.

4. Having the church janitor mad at you after an event.

5. Wanting "Larry and Bob" to be nominated for an Oscar award.

6. Getting to the end of your service before the adult service is ended and finding ways to stall until it's time for parent pick-up.

7. Oriental Trading. Enough said.

8. Vomit comes in lots of different colors.

9. Praying for healing for cats, dogs and goldfish.

10. Laughing when adult ministry says summer is a slow ministry season.  VBS really stands for "Very Busy Summer."

11. Being out of breath after a worship song because of the motions.

12. Offering comes in coins, not bills.

13. Sunday best attire is a t-shirt with a children's ministry logo on it.

14. A security name tag stuck on something other than a shirt is almost impossible to remove.

15. When one person has to go to the bathroom, everyone has to go to the bathroom.

16. Never studying Revelation for a lesson you're preparing.

17. When one baby starts crying, all babies start crying.

18. 3rd grade boys never run out of energy.

19. If there is a balloon in the room, rest assured it will pop right in the middle of your lesson.

20. Puppets are great expositors of God's Word.

Your turn.  Add to the fun.  What are some things only us in children's ministry know about?