Fresh Ministry

This week during one of my quiet times with God, I read this verse and a word jumped out at me.

"The meek shall obtain FRESH joy in the Lord, and the neediest people shall exult in the Holy One of Israel."  Isaiah 29:19

I don't like stale bread or any other kind of stale food.  And I'm sure you don't either  There's no comparison between stale bread and fresh bread, is there?  Don't you love the smell of fresh bread baking in the oven?  Or the taste of fresh, hot rolls with butter dripping down the sides.  Why settle for stale bread when you can have fresh bread?

I wonder how many times we settle for stale ministry?  A stale relationship with God?  A stale vision?  A stale program?  A stale event?  A stale service?

Here are some signs things are stale...
  • You talk more about what God has done than what He is doing.
  • Attendance is waning.
  • You are doing it simply because it's what you've always done. 
  • People yawn at the vision. 
  • The baptistry is collecting dust. 
  • Bible reading is something you endure rather than enjoy.
  • The past is dictating the future. 
  • Volunteers are serving out of duty rather than delight.
  • Few, if any, tears for the lost are seen. 
  • Smiles and laughter in the hallways is rare.
  • You sense yourself just going through the motions. 
  • No one wants to leave their comfort zone. 
We don't have to settle for stale.  God wants to give us fresh joy!  Fresh ministry!  Fresh passion!  Fresh vision!  Fresh anointing!  Fresh spiritual food!  He's already got it baking in the oven for you. He's just waiting for you to ask for it!