3 Things the Kid Standing in Front of You Needs

This week you will have the opportunity once again to minster to children.  As you do this, it's important to keep in mind that every child has 3 big needs.

The need to be accepted.   Every child has insecurities, doubts and some type of self-esteem struggles.  Many of their thoughts about themselves are negative.  They struggle with knowing who they are.  They long to know that someone accepts them.  They long for someone to love them in spite of their weaknesses.
You can help meet this need by creating a welcoming environment.  You can help meet this need by teaching children who they are in Christ and modeling His unconditional love for them.  You can help meet this need by speaking words of encouragement and inspiration to them.                                                        

The need to belong.  Kids are hardwired to connect with others.  They long to be in relationship and do life with others.     

You can help meet this need by providing a small group for children to be a part of.  Whatever you call it, Sunday School, small groups, life groups, etc.  - give kids the opportunity be personally known and cared for in a setting of 6 to 8 kids.  Help your volunteers see the important part they play in this as well.  Every child needs a connection to a non-parent, adult meaningful relationship. 

The need to find meaning in life.   Why am I here?  What is my purpose?  What should I do with my life? 

You can help meet this need by showing them they were created for a purpose.  Help them see that God created them to be in relationship and fellowship with Him.  He has a special plan for their life.  As they grow and follow Him, He will reveal what it is. 

Think about the impact you could make if you geared your ministry to meet these needs for kids.  Think about what could happen if your volunteers caught hold of this.  Think about the kids and families who's lives could be changed if you focused on these three things.