20 Funny Signs You're in Children's Ministry

There's nothing like serving in children's ministry.  I believe it's the ministry that can make the biggest impact in people's lives.  No other ministry has the unique opportunity to help people come to Christ at an early age and then serve Christ for an entire lifetime. 

Children's ministry people have some unique characteristics.  Here's 20 funny signs you are in children's ministry.

You stop on the Disney channel when you are channel surfing.

You find yourself wandering to the toy aisle at Target even when there are no kids with you.

Oriental Trading is bookmarked on your computer.

Worship songs involve movements that resemble a zumba workout.

Counting the offering involves counting coins rather than bills.

You are an expert at unjamming a name tag printer.

Your top Google searches include the words "craft idea" and "game ideas" and "how to make slime."

You get lots of ideas for your job when you are Disney World.

You sometimes baptize a person who has to step up on a box or stool to be seen by the audience.

An all-night party for you involves pre-teens who never run out of energy.

You know how to transform an adult auditorium into a kid's wonderland for VBS.

You've learned the hard way to always test a science object lesson ahead of time before you do it in a lesson.

Your Bible has cartoon illustrations in it.

You have some old Bibleman VHS tapes or DVD's.

You change putrefying diapers on a regular basis.

Wearing your "Sunday Best" means putting on a t-shirt with a logo on it.

You can dish out goldfish crackers like nobody's business.

You have made the church janitor mad.

Camping for you means spending 3-5 days with dozens of kids...including a few who are extremely homesick.

Your area of the church is the only place that has "stroller parking."

I hope some of these brought a smile to your face and brightened your day.  You matter.  What you do matters.  Thank you for your heart for the next generation. 

What are some other funny signs you're in children's ministry?  Share them with us in the comment section below.