30 of the Best Apps for Children's Ministry

If you're in Children's Ministry, you probably depend on your smartphone to help you be more efficient in your work.  Smartphones have definitely become a staple in our day-by-day tasks.

If your smartphone is your tool belt, then apps are the tools you place in it to work with.  Here are 30 of the best tools (apps) you can place in your smartphone. 

This app gives you an easy, visual way to share the plan of salvation with kids and parents.  It is interactive, compelling and easy to use.  It comes in 17 languages which also makes it a great tool to use on a mission trip.

The Bible App for Kids is an animated Bible storybook.  It has vivid illustrations with touch-activated animations.  It also features games and activities that help kids remember God's Word.

Instagram is a simple way to feature and promote your children's ministry to parents, volunteers and families.   It's also a great way to personally connect with volunteers, families in your ministry and other children's ministry leaders.  There are over 500 million people on Instagram.

Charades is a fun game to play with kids and volunteers.  It takes the time-honored game further with many hilarious bells and whistles, from impersonating celebrities to name that tune.  It's the #1 Word & Card game in the USA.
Evernote allows you to create notes.  And a note can be anything - a do-list, a reminder, a picture, a sketch, document, etc.  And once you make a note, it's accessible wherever you go.  You can also share your notes with others.  It's great for shared projects, meeting agendas and more.

There are many ways to use Facebook for your children's ministry.  A parent group, a volunteer group, a page that highlights your ministry, etc. 

This app lets you post to multiple popular social networks at scheduled times throughout the day, and has built-in analytics so you can see how your updates are faring.

Twitter is another major way to connect with parents and volunteers and promote your children's ministry.  It's also a great tool to stay connected with other children's ministry leaders.

Best free digital Bible available in my opinion.

Great app to organize and view your files. 

PAPER by 53
Paper is a great way to capture and connect your notes, photos and sketches.  Create checklists, spotlight details in photos and sketch diagrams with unbeatable speed and ease.  Paper is like a wall of sticky notes for everything that inspires you.

This app will guide you task by task, counting down until it’s time to move on to the next one.  You  can adjust the timer in five-minute increments in either direction if you need more or less than 30 minutes for a task.

Send Anywhere enables you to easily send large files.  Your recipient uses a six-digit code to download the file you send.  There are no file-size limits!

This app is a great way to keep in touch with your team.  It provides chat and file sharing along with third-party productivity services.

The Minute app helps you make the most of your meetings by combining pre-meeting agendas and necessary files, along with in-meeting notes and post-meeting action items.

Simplenote is an easy, no-nonsense note-keeper, with the added bonus of cross-platform support and notes that sync in real-time to all of your other devices.

YouTube is a great way to put the ministry videos you create online and share them with parents and volunteers. 

Pandora is a free, personalized radio that plays music you love.  Great for when you need music for pre-service, post-service, events, etc.

Another great app that gives you access to millions of songs.  Another great option when you need music for pre-service, post-service, events. etc.

Great place to get ideas for all aspects of children's ministry.

A community based traffic and navigation app.  Gives you real-time traffic and road info.

Great tool for saving and sharing files.

Another great way to save and share files.

Allows you to view, edit, and create Microsoft® Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint*) & view Adobe PDF® files.

Can help you manage your personal and ministry budget.

Use this editing tool to turn your ministry photos and video clips into music videos.  Great way to promote and highlight your ministry. 

A powerful yet simple audio podcast player, with features such as Smart Speed, Voice Boost, and Smarter Playlists to help you listen to more podcasts in more places, try new shows and completely control your experience.

Turn your ministry photos into awesome artworks with these modern art filters.  Stunning features and fast sharing. 

Use this app for video meetings and connecting with other children's ministry leaders. 

This free messaging app uses your phone's Internet connection to message and call volunteers, family and friends.

Your turn.  What other apps do you recommend for Children's Ministry?  Share them with everyone in the comment section below.