Do You Know the Latest Lingo of Today's Kids?

When a missionary goes to another country to minister, they learn the language of the culture they are trying to reach.  You and I are missionaries to kids and if we want to be effective, it's important that we stay tuned in to kid culture.  Just as someone speaking another culture's language would give them an instant connection point, being able to know what the latest kids' lingo means can give you an instant connection point with them. 

It's also important to remember that new kids' lingo can emerge in a matter of days and fly under the radar of adults.  Some of the sources the lingo can come from are older siblings or teens who they look up to and want to be like, TV shows, viral videos they've seen, pop culture, school teacher jargon and social media.  Much of the social media language is an acronym or shorthand because of messaging character restrictions.

Here is some of the latest lingo.  See how many of these you know.

Movie Van - a mini-van with a DVD/entertainment package

Jell-O - hair gel

Spicy - hot, minty or carbonated

Old McDonald - the man who owns McDonald's restaurant

Snap - the message / picture / video sent through Snapchat app, the act of contacting someone through the Snapchat app

Streak - 3 or more daily exchanges on Snapchat

Slide into DM - contacting someone through a direct message

Bae - boyfriend, girlfriend or crush

GOAT - greatest of all time

Lit - fun, amazing, cool

Savage - cool, awesome, brave or unexpected

Bruh - short for brother

Square up - get ready to fight

Juke - quickly planting and then sidestepping in football to avoid a tackle, a quick fake out

Meg - dribbling a soccer ball between your opponent's legs

Posterize - dunking a basketball over someone, an embarrassing in your face move

Cross you up - to confuse someone who is guarding you by quickly dribbling the ball from one side of the body to another

Verse - to play against someone or battle someone

Grind - to keep performing a move until you achieve a change in status / points

Catch me on the sticks - inviting someone to find you in a multi-player video game

Come get this work - a challenge to come and chase you or get you

Trigger - to emotionally upset someone

Octoball or Gaga - a game similar to dodgeball but played on the ground in an octagonal ring

Fam - close friends

Finna - going to / fixing to

Gucci - good, cool

High-key - saying something important that you want everyone to know

Low-key - saying something privately that you don't want everyone to know

Kek - to laugh out loud

Peep - take a look at something

RT - to retweet or agree with something someone says

TBH - to be honest

Thirsty - desperate

PAP - post a picture

IDEK - I don't even know

Dime -  a 10, on a rating scale of 1 to 10, the very best

Your turn.  What is some other kid lingo you have heard?  Share with everyone in the comment section below.