Transgender Toy for Kids?

There's a new toy being developed that is designed to teach kids about being transgender.

The toy is called Sam.  It's made up of a series of stacking dolls (like Russian nesting dolls.)  It's being called the "world's first educational transgender toy."
The developers say there are very few tools available for parents or teachers to talk with children about being transgender.

They say the toy will "help children empathize with the emotional challenges of being born transgender."  Each layer of the toy is supposed to represent a stage of being transgender.  The layers show the key stages transgender people experience in terms of identity - from questioning to exploration to isolation.  The final piece is a heart which is supposed to reflect the idea that the person's appearances may change, but who they are on the inside stays the same.

The developers are hoping the toy will help start conversations about gender diversity with all children and foster more acceptance and understanding.  They are hoping to release the doll in June 2018.

It has been interesting to see how quickly the transgender agenda has advanced.  Whereas the gay agenda has taken decades to gain substantial traction and approval, the transgender agenda seems to have rapidly gained this ground.  This may be because it is built on the foundation that the gay agenda has established over the years.

This toy development leaves little doubt that children, from an early age, are being targeted for transgender indoctrination.

For those of us who believe in the Biblical teaching of male and female identities, transgender issues can be difficult to navigate.  Especially when it comes to helping kids gain a Biblical worldview about it.

I've often said we must not be hesitant about having these conversations with our children.  We must help them work through these cultural issues and find Biblical answers while their worldview is still being shaped.  We must help them find the right answers to the questions.  If we don't, they may have no answers when they face these questions later and be given the wrong answers by someone else.

Let me clarify that I believe it is the responsibility of parents to have these conversations with children.  As children's ministry leaders, our role is to equip parents with the tools they need to have these conversations.  Rather than directly influencing children in this sensitive area, we are to influence children's primary influencers...their parents.  Later, as children move into their teenage years, I believe student ministries can take a more direct role in talking about these issues with teenagers.

If you are a parent reading this and are looking for a balanced approach to talking with your children about transgender issues or if you are a children's ministry leader who is looking for tools to place into parents' hands, then I would encourage you to read this article I wrote a few months ago.  Below is the link to the article.

Transgender Children...A Christian Leader's Response

Here is a video that the developers created to promote the upcoming transgender toy.  As you watch this, think about the tremendous responsibility God has given us as parents and leaders to help children understand what the Bible says about gender identity and see them walk in the truth of His Word.

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