Want to Grow Your Children's Ministry? Here's How

Everyone wants to see their children's ministry grow.  As long as there is one child...one family, who doesn't know Jesus, we are compelled to keep reaching out and growing.

Jesus told us to "go out and compel them to come in, so God's house will be full."  You can't disciple empty seats.

We want to help you grow your children's ministry.  With the right tools in your hands, you can see your ministry grow and thrive.

In an upcoming live webinar, we'll be sharing about 3 big areas that will help you grow your ministry.

#1 - Capture Kids' Attention
Today's kids are not yesterday's kids.  If you want to grow your ministry, you've got to know how to engage today's kids.  Teaching methods and learning methods have changed.  Discover the latest keys to effectively getting kids excited about coming to church.  We'll share cutting-edge tools you can use to see kids move from yawning to yearning for more.

And what we'll share is not just theory.  It has been proven to work.  Dale has used these tools to build some of the largest and fastest growing children's ministries in the country.  Ministries that are reaching thousands of kids and families.

#2 - Connect with Families
Today's families come in all shapes and sizes.  And the young parents in your community are Millennials.  They have unique characteristics that you need to know if want to connect with them.  Justyn will show you how to connect with young families and see them not only visit your church, but become a part of it as well.

What Justyn will share works.  He leads a thriving family ministry in the Minneapolis area that is discipling thousands of kids and families.

#3 - Creativity 
Everyone has creativity...even people who don't think they do.  You simply need to know how to bring it out and put it to use in your ministry.  Bruce is going to show you how to tap into your creativity and use it to create exciting environments for kids.  No matter your budget, you can create great environments that kids love.

Bruce has been helping churches use creativity to grow their ministries for years.  He has worked with churches of all sizes.  I personally saw a ministry I led double in size after Bruce helped us.

Don't miss this opportunity to invest in yourself and your ministry.  As an added bonus, you'll get a free copy of our book "If Disney Ran Your Children's Ministry" ($9.99 value).  Space is limited, but there is still time to register.  See below for more information and registration is available at this link.

Not available at the time the webinar is being held live?  Good news.  The webinar will also be recorded and made available on demand for those who register.  You'll be able to access it and download it at any time if you sign up.  This is a great option for those who want to use it later with your staff or volunteers.