Want to Teach Like Jesus? Then You Must Do This

There's no question Jesus was the greatest teacher ever.  He captivated audiences as the crowds flocked to hear Him speak.

Anyone who wants to become an effective teacher would be wise to study not only what Jesus taught, but HOW He taught as well, right?

A few days ago, a Scripture I had never noticed before, jumped off the page at me.  I knew Jesus had used stories when He taught, but never realized He always taught this way.

Check it out. 

"Jesus ALWAYS used STORIES and ILLUSTRATIONS like these when speaking to the crowds.  In fact, He never spoke to them without using such PARABLES."  Matthew 13:34

Wow!  Do you see it?  Jesus...the master teacher...always used parables when He taught.  What was a parable?  Simply put...it was a story.  

In other words, Jesus always used STORIES when He taught.   

Guess what that means?  If you want to teach like Jesus, then you will always use stories in your lessons.  

There's something about stories that captivates people's attention.  We are wired to engage when a story is being told.  The next time you are teaching and begin telling a story, watch your audience.  When you begin telling the story, they engage.  And as soon as the story is ended, many of them will disengage.  

I have to be honest.  99% of the time when I am listening to someone teach and begin to think "this is boring," it is because they are not using any stories in their talk.  Without stories, teaching can become torturous very quickly.


...if you want to see kids and families remember what you taught

..if you want kids and families to lean in rather than yawn out

...if you want kids and families to come back to your church

...if you want to become an effective communicator to people of all ages

...if you want to grow your ministry

....if you want to see kids and families sitting on the edge of their seat when you speak

...if you want to see kids and families get excited when they hear you are going to be teaching

....if you want to diminish kids' behavioral issues when you are teaching...

....if you want to become a master teacher like Jesus


Tell stories from your own personal experiences.  

Tell stories about current happenings.

Tell stories that illustrate your main point in the lesson.

Tell stories with passion and enthusiasm. 

Tells stories from history.

Tell stories found in the Bible.

Tell stories about people's successes, faith journeys, failures, victories, struggles and perseverance.  

Want to become a better communicator?  Then become a better storyteller.  Here are some helpful tips that will help you improve your storytelling skills. 

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p.s. You can get more great tips for being a master storyteller in our upcoming live webinar "If Disney Ran Your Children's Ministry" this Thursday, November 2.  I'll be sharing how to capture kids' attention with stories.  You can get more information and register at this link.