Storytelling...Disney Style!

A story is simply a communication tool.  And when it is well done, it will grab people's attention and convey the message.  There is something about stories that draws us in.  Jesus knew this.  He used a lot of stories (parables) to communicate truth.

Have you ever noticed when you are teaching that everyone focuses in when you begin telling a story? And when the story is over, you can sense they pull back some of their focus?  It's a natural reaction.

Disney is good at connecting with kids and families because they are good at telling stories.  Watch this short video and see how to tell stories..Disney style.  After the video, I list 4 key components of great storytelling that I've learned from them.

Great storytelling involves...

Great content.
We have the best content ever written...the Bible.  It contains the most exciting, challenging, and relevant stories every penned.

Great creativity.  The best stories deserve the best presentation.  Let's stop droning and start delivering.

Great characters.
Talk about a cast of "A" listers.  We've got it.  David, Esther, Jonah, Moses, Ruth, Paul, Joshua, Mary, and more.  Choose storytellers who will do them justice.

Great costumes.
Make your great cast of characters come alive by using costumes.  Telling the story of David and Goliath?  Make sure you have a slingshot.  Sharing the story of Jonah and the whale? Wrap some seaweed around your shoulders. 

What are some other components of great storytelling that you use?  Would enjoy hearing your ideas in the comments section below.

Posted by Dale Hudson