The Power of a Grandparent's Legacy

LeCrae is an award winning artist who is making an impact in the lives of young people around the world.  As I was watching him share his story in the video below, I was reminded of the godly example a grandparent can be for their grandchild.

He starts off with...
"I remember when I was 17 and a lady asked me, 'Are you saved?'  I didn't have any idea what she meant.  What is 'saved?'  The best thing I could think through was maybe she means, 'Am I like my grandmother?'

Soon his grandmother's prayers would be answered as LeCrae found Christ and his life was transformed.

As you seek to partner with parents...don't forget the power of a grandparent's legacy.  The compounded spiritual influence of a parent and grandparent in the life of a child can be profound.

And in many cases, the grandparent is raising the child.  A recent report shows that 4.9 million children are being raised by a grandparent in the U.S.

Here's 6 questions to think about...
1. How can I leverage the spiritual influence of grandparents in the life of their grandchild?
2. How can I be more intentional about involving grandparents in their grandchild's spiritual  
3. What can I do to encourage grandparents who are raising their grandchildren?
4. How can I involve grandparents in serving in their grandchild's environment at church?
5. How can I connect our Children's Ministry to the Senior Adult Ministry in our church?
6. What tools and resources can I give grandparents to help disciple their grandchildren?

Posted by Dale Hudson