25 Traits of The Ultimate Children's Ministry

  1. Ran by volunteers who are equipped and empowered by staff.
  2. Gives guests the royal treatment.
  3. Provides parents with tools to disciple their children that are actually used.
  4. Shows up at the hospital.
  5. Notices and responds when a child is absent.
  6. Impacts the entire church.
  7. Takes care of details with excellence.
  8. Knows it takes prayer and preparation.
  9. Knows WHY it is teaching what it is teaching
  10. Constantly evaluates and stops what is not working.
  11. Has a calm nursery.
  12. Has elementary services that are quiet at times and loud at times.
  13. Works very closely with student ministry.
  14. Has stories about entire families that were reached through the children.
  15. Knows what it does well and focuses on it.
  16. Is clean.
  17. Keeps kids safe and secure.
  18. Teaches application just as much as information.
  19. Provides serving opportunities that help kids grow in their faith.
  20. Cares more about building THE kingdom than it does about building ITS kingdom.
  21. Has clear, spiritual growth steps for children to take.
  22. Has every child connected into a small group where they are known, loved, and cared for.
  23. Grows by reaching unchurched families instead of transfers from other churches.
  24. Has kids lining up to get inside the doors and crying when have to leave.
  25. Doesn't think it's the ultimate Children's Ministry.
I don't think any of us have arrived there yet, but it's something we should be striving for.  What are some other traits you think the ultimate Children's Ministry would have?  Would enjoy seeing your thoughts in the comment section below.

Posted by Dale Hudson