Leadership Lessons I've Gleaned From Dr. Ronnie Floyd

Dr. Ronnie Floyd is one of my heroes and mentors in ministry.  He has been a pastor for over 35 years.  Since 1986, he has served as the Senior Pastor of
Cross Church.  Under his leadership, the church has grown to minister to thousands of people each week.  He has authored 20 books that have been used to equip believers around the world.  His books Our Last Great Hope, The Power of Prayer and Fasting, and 10 Things Every Minister Needs to Know are must reads for those in ministry.

I had the honor of serving on his staff team for 7 years as Children's Pastor.  A few weeks ago, Cross Church
celebrated his 25th anniversary as Senior Pastor.
I had the joy of going back to be part of honoring him and sharing how he has impacted my life.  What he has taught me by word and example over the years has made a huge difference in my life.  Here are some leadership lessons I have gleaned from his life and ministry.

Faithfulness. For two and a half decades, he has faithfully lead Cross Church.  Remain faithful to God's call on your life.

Integrity.  Who you are is more important than what you
do.  Lead from the inside out.  

Passion for the lost.  He has a great passion to reach his area, America, and the world for Jesus Christ.  It permeates his life.  Live the great commission.

Family.  He has been a loving husband and caring father.  His most important ministry has been his wife, Jeana, and their two sons.  Both of his sons are serving Christ full-time.  Home is where ministry begins.

Prayer and Fasting.  He has taught us to make walking with God a priority in our lives.  Our public ministry must be a reflection of our private time with God.

Legacy.  There are leaders around the world who are part of his legacy because he has been intentional about pouring into others.  Invest your life in helping others succeed.

Children and Student Ministry.  He has made reaching the next generation a high priority in his ministry.  He invests heavily in these areas.  He opened the door for Bruce Barry of Wacky World to build the first animated children's worship environment in the nation.  Bruce found Christ under his ministry and has gone on to create children's worship environments in churches across the nation.  Below is a picture that Bruce drew to celebrate Pastor Floyd's 25th anniversary at Cross Church (Bruce - left, Pastor - middle, me - right).

Thoughtfulness.  He takes time to express appreciation to those around him.  Those who have served with him can attest to this.  I have many hand-written thank you notes he has given me.  Be intentional about saying "thank you" to the people you serve with.

Encouragement.  On a number of occasions he has told me, "I believe in you."  Those words have brought encouragement and confidence.  Use your words to speak life and blessings into those around you.

Thank you, Pastor, for your impact and investment in our family.  We will continue to pass along what you have taught us to others.

Here is a short clip of what I shared at the 25th anniversary service.