Dec 5, 2011

How to Get Kids' Attention Back When You Are Teaching or Leading a Class

Do you ever lose children's attention while you are teaching or leading a class?  It happens to all of us at times.  In this short video, I share 7 simple ways to re-engage children when you lose their attention.

Posted by Dale Hudson


This is fabulous! I plan to try the train whistle and the clapping approach very soon! I am wondering if I might "guest post" your video on my blog:

Thanks Matt. Feel free to use it. Blessings on your ministry.

Thanks, Dale! I am posting it on Thursday this week!

Cool beans Dale. This is NEEDED info we can use! I really like the one where the leader says "Match in a gas tank" and the kids reply with "BOOM, BOOM, shhhhhhh." There is always a hush after an explosion.

Thanks so much. I sent this along to my teachers. This is extremely relevant -- as of last week I was wondering what other techniques are out there. I usually sing, "Let me see your hands" and I sing the word hands for a long time until attention is had :-)

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