5 Differences Between KidMin Leaders Who Barely Get By and KidMin Leaders Who Thrive

There are KidMin leaders who just barely get by and it is reflected in the ministry they lead.  The ministry is flat.  There is little to no energy or excitement.  Very few kids and families are reached and so the baptistry is normally dry.  Kids walk in yawning and walk out yawning.  Volunteers have learned to tolerate jobs not finished, communication not delivered and promises not kept.  Excellence is not pursued.  Guests rarely return.

There are also KidMin leaders who thrive and again it is evident in the ministry they lead.  When you walk into the ministry, you can sense a spirit of excitement and anticipation.  Kids get in and out of their cars with a smile on their face.  There are trained volunteers in every room who are on-board with the mission of the ministry.  You hear laughter and small talk in the hallways.  The ministry is growing by reaching new kids and families.  Parents are engaged and involved.

You get the picture and I'm sure you've seen and maybe even experienced both.  The big question is "What's the difference between KidMin leaders who barely get by and KidMin leaders who thrive?"  Let's pull back the curtain and look at 5 of the big differences.

Those who barely get by CARRY the ministry.  Those who thrive SHARE the ministry.  KidMin leaders who are primarily doers will get overwhelmed as they try to do everything themselves.  Plates will begin to drop.  And these dropped plates cause the ministry to plunge into mediocrity.

Ministries that thrive are led by leaders who are primarily equippers.  They recognize that they can't do everything themselves and they begin to share the ministry responsibilities with others.  As they empower others to do the work of the ministry, ministry plates are not only maintained, but gain momentum and move forward.

Think about your current situation.  Do you find yourself running around, trying to get everything done by yourself?  Do you feel overwhelmed because you don't get to everything?  The answer is not to work harder.  The answer is to empower others and share the ministry responsibilities with them. 

Those who barely get by are BUSY.  Those who thrive are PRODUCTIVE.  There is a big difference between being busy and being productive.  Being busy is like riding a merry-go-round.  There is a lot of motion, but you find yourself only going around in circles and never moving the ministry forward.

The goal must be productivity.  By productivity, I mean you actually see measurable results.  This happens when you focus on a few, key priorities and pour your time, talent and resources into it.  It means you evaluate your programs on a regular basis and change what is not moving the ministry forward.

It's not about how many hours you work.  It's about what you accomplish during the hours you work. All across the country, you can find ministries that are busy, but little is being accomplished.  Outdated programs and events keep the ministry busy, but no growth comes from it.  If you are going to break out of barely getting by and move to thriving, then you must be willing to change and refocus. 

Those who barely get by develop PROGRAMS.  Those who thrive develop PROCESSES.  When programs become the end result, the faith development of kids and parents stalls.  Programs cannot drive discipleship.  Discipleship must drive programs.

KidMin leaders who barely get by have programs as their primary focus.  How can we keep this program going?  How can we get kids involved in this program?  How can we get parents to support this program?

KidMin leaders who thrive have a clear process for discipling kids and parents.  They first establish the process and then put programs in place that are steps in the process.   They point kids and parents to these steps while helping them see the end result of the process.  Everything they do is a strategic part of the process.  

Those who barely get by lead with PASSIVITY.  Those who thrive lead with PASSION.  Here's what I can promise you.  Behind every passive ministry you will find a passive leader.  And behind every passionate ministry you will find a passionate leader.

The ministry you lead is a mirror of your level of passion as a leader.  You see, passion is not taught...it is caught.  And passion is found when you know your calling and give yourself wholeheartedly to fulfilling it.

If the ministry is barely getting by, it's likely because you are barely getting by.  Get alone with God.  Spend time with Him.  Ask Him to renew and rekindle the fire He has placed in your heart.  When you get on fire for God, others will see it and be drawn to it.

Those who barely get by are SATISFIED.  Those who thrive are STRETCHING.  Leaders who are barely getting by are content to barely get by.  They have it in neutral.  Maintaining.  Comfortable.  Talking more about what God has done in the past than about what He is going to do in the future.  Not willing to take any risks.  Not willing to change what is not working.

But those who are thriving are stretching.  They honor the past, but they don't live in it.  They are constantly looking for ways to improve.  There are no sacred cows.  They are comfortable with being uncomfortable.  They actively look for ways to reach more kids and parents and grow the ministry.

They read.  They listen.  They ask questions.  They learn.  They network.  They get ideas from other churches.  They are never satisfied with the status quo.

How would you say you are doing as a leader?  Do you feel like you are barely getting by?  Do you feel like you are thriving?  What would those closest to you say?  What would the volunteers on your team say?

Are you spending more time sharing the ministry than you are carrying the ministry?

Are you just busy or are you productive?

Are you focusing more on developing programs or processes?

Are you a passionate leader?  

Have you grown satisfied?  Are you willing to stretch yourself?

Wherever you find yourself currently, the good news is you can move from just barely getting by to thriving.

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