20 Funny Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Children's Ministry Director

Christmas is just around the corner.  As you're making your shopping list, thought you might like some ideas for the children's ministry director in your life.

(If you're a children's ministry director reading this, I'm sure you'll like this list.  Have fun and hope this brings a smile to your face after a long weekend of serving.)

Here's 20 funny Christmas ideas for your children's ministry director.

A hypnosis book so he/she can learn how to hypnotize people into serving in the 3-year-olds room.

A gift certificate to Chuck E. Cheese's.

A bounce house with a leak in it.

A robot that can fill in for no show volunteers.

A sound system that actually works.

Self-cleaning toys for the nursery.

A drone that delivers crying babies to their parents in the adult service.

A puppet that automatically syncs up it's mouth with the words the user is saying.

Easter eggs that hid themselves.

Any clothing except a t-shirt with a ministry logo on it.

A mafia boss to persuade volunteers to come to training.

A timer that shuts down all the power in the auditorium when the pastor goes long with his sermon.

Stock in Oriental trading.

Tweak-less curriculum.

Quiet seat prize candy that has a seal that won't open until a child arrives at home.

Name tags that are impossible for parents to lose.

A collection of hats since he/she wears so many.

A monogrammed baptism towel.

A personal chef for kid's camp to spare him/her from having to eat the camp food.

A case of Red Bull energy drinks for weekend services.

Add to the fun.  What would you add to this gift list?  Share your funny ideas with everyone in the comment section below.