Check Out The New Toys Kids Want in 2018 and What It Means

It's important to stay up-to-date with toys that are coming on the scene.  Toys give us insight into what today's kids like and are drawn to.

Here are some interesting toys that are set to be extremely popular this year.  Think about why kids are drawn to these and what you can learn from it as you seek to connect with today's kids.

Exit: The Sunken Treasure Game - Escape rooms are gaining popularity and this game includes everything kids need to create their own escape room.  The game is set in a nautical theme.  Kids are sailing on the Santas Maria, but then something goes wrong and they must figure out how to escape a watery grave.

Other versions available include The Secret Lab, The Abandoned Cabin and The Pharoah's Tomb.

What it means:  Kids love mystery, solving puzzles, clues, etc.  Think about how you can bring these elements into your lessons and programs.

How about creating an escape room activity at your church where kids have to solve Bible clues to get out?  Or perhaps an escape room that families can do together that teaches them Bible truths?  I"m thinking about rooms like Paul...Escape JailProdigal Son...Escape the Pigpen, Jonah...Out of the Belly of the Whale, etc.

Moonlite Storyteller for Phones - Remember the Spinmaster from when you were a kid?  You looked into it and clicked through the slides to see a story unfold.  Now there's a new, tech savvy version.  This new version hooks into your cell phone to project the story slides onto the wall.  And the only battery you need is the one on your cell phone.

What it means:  Kids love stories.  Especially when they are told creatively.  The Bible contains the greatest, true stories ever told.  Make sure you're using lots of stories in your lessons.  Also use pictures to illustrate the stories.  A picture truly is worth a thousand words.

It also means we should equip parents with tools and resources to share the stories of God's Word with their children.  Think of ways you can help parents make bedtime story rituals that will help them disciple their children.

Soccerborgs - Kids can control two little robots that compete against each other in a soccer game.  The game comes with two robots, two soccer goals, two balls and a sticker pack so kids can personalize their robots.

 (*No preview video available yet.)

What it means:  Kids love competitive games where they are in control.  Use review games, team competition and other types of interactive games in your ministry.  Also give kids choices and control over elements of the games.

Trido Blocks - A magnetic building block set that contains octahedron and tetrahedron shapes that kids can use to build any character, building or shape they can imagine up.

What it means:  Kids love to use their creativity to build things.  Think of ways you can give kids opportunities to build, create and use their imagination in your lessons.

Stickbot Space Movie Set - This is a miniature movie stage set that allows kids to create their own stop-capture movies.  It includes a background and space set props.  There will also be other movie sets including a farm, castle and more.

What it means:  Kids love helping tell stories.  Let kids act out the stories of the Bible.  Let kids create short videos of Bible stories.  Get kids involved in creatively expressing the stories of the Bible.  

Mixed by Me Thinking Putty Kit - The kit includes everything kids need to create putty with their own colors.  The kit comes with three special effect pacts, including magical glow putty.  The Holo kit has three sparkle effect putties.

What it means:  Kids love to use creative, hands-on crafts and activities.  Bring fun crafts and activities into your lessons.  Kids also love anything that involves slime, putty, wacky science experiments, etc.