Diminishing the Line Between Staff and Volunteers

Your goal as a ministry leader should be to diminish the line between staff and volunteers.

If a volunteer team is truly empowered, guests should walk in and not be able to tell the difference between staff and volunteers.

And when a volunteer is asked a question, you won't hear, "I'm not sure, I'm just a volunteer.  Let me ask a staff member."

When the line is diminished, volunteers are equipped and empowered to lead the ministry with or without a staff member.

Is there a line between staff and volunteers in your ministry?  When there is...you can feel it....you can sense it...you can observe it...whether the leader says there is one or not.

Ready to see the line diminish?  Here are some steps you can take to fade it out.

Look for opportunities to shine the spotlight on volunteers rather than staff. 

Instead of trying to be powerful, be empowering.  

Promote volunteers rather than promoting yourself as the leader.

Make it about "We" rather than about "Me."

Give away the credit instead of taking the credit. 

Accept the blame for failure rather than passing the blame for failure.

Put others on stage instead of being on stage.

Don't just develop yourself.  Spend time developing others. 

Don't run the show.  Let others run the show.

Instead of making sure you're the best leader on the team, empower others to be better leaders than you are.

Brag on volunteers instead of bragging on yourself.

Get out of the way and let people lead instead of micromanaging them.

Instead of having all the answers, ask lots of questions. 

Listen a lot and talk a little. 

Don't always go with your idea.  Rather, always go with the best idea...no matter whose idea it is.

Remember...ministry is not about what you can do.  It's about what you can empower a team of volunteers to do. 

You can get more insight and proven ideas to build a thriving volunteer team in my book "The Formula for Building Great Volunteer Teams."  Ministries that have read it and implemented the principles have seen their volunteer teams grow and flourish.

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