New Release: 5 Great Resources to Help You Partner with Parents

Parents.  Kids.  Your ministry strategy should be to impact both.

But how do you make that happen?

One approach is to put tools in parents' hands that will empower them to have discussions and activities with their children at home.  This is being done in a variety of ways, from new, cutting-edge apps to old school, hard copy, take home papers. 

That's a good strategy, in-spite of the fact that the majority of parents probably don't use the tools.

There's another strategy that I have personally seen make a huge impact on parents and their children.  It's not designed to replace take home tools, but it's a strategy where you can see the results happen right then and there.

What is it?  It's a strategy where you Partner with Parents at key milestones in their family's spiritual journey.  

Here's the deal.  There are windows of time when parents will welcome your input and influence in their life.  What are the opportunities?  There are five of them and they are for kids and parents to experience together.  Let's see when the five times are.

Opportunity #1 - 
Parent & Child Dedication
Nursery & Preschool Years
When a family has a new addition, it softens their heart, as they sense the tremendous responsibility they have as parents to raise their child to love Jesus.

In a recent article, I shared why it's so important to influence parents during this time frame.  And that's why I created a tool for this.  The Parent & Child Dedication class not only teaches parents what the dedication is, but also teaches them how to lead their children spiritually.  Practical steps are provided.

The kit for this also includes a format for the dedication service that will help you create a memorable experience for families.

Entering Elementary
Opportunity #2 - Bible Presentation & Celebration
When parents have a child getting ready to make the transition from preschool into elementary, they are wide open to your influence.

This kit includes everything you need to host a special event for parents and their children that centers around God's Word. 

The class uses interactive, hands on learning to teach kids (and parents) how we got the Bible, how to read it, learn from it and gives an overview of the big picture found in God's Word.

The class closes with parents presenting their children with a Bible, reading a blessing to their child and praying for their child.

Here's a promise.  You will see tears of joy and love between parents and their children.  Kids and parents will walk out with their love for God's Word and each other deeper.  You will literally be able to watch the impact happening and feel the spiritual growth that's taking place.

Elementary Age
Opportunity #3 - Starting Point
The third key time is when a child begins asking questions about beginning a relationship with Jesus.  Parents will be looking for help.  Starting Point is a class that parents can attend with their child to learn how to lead their child to Jesus.  Thousands of kids and parents have been through this class and seen their lives changed forever.  

With this class,  I promise you will see kids and parents begin a relationship with Jesus.  I believe this class is the best way to lead children and parents to Jesus - here's whyUsing this class strategy, I saw over 460 kids baptized in one year along with many of their parents.
Elementary Age
Opportunity #4 - Baptism for Kids  Kids will also tell their parents they want to be baptized.  After they have gone through Starting Point, you can invite them to the baptism class. 

This class helps kids and parents have picture of what baptism is and isn't.  Kids and parents will go into the baptistry waters with a solid understanding of the step they are taking.  You will not only see kids follow Jesus in baptism, but many of their parents as well.  I mentioned we had over 460 kids and many parents baptized in on year.  All of them had been through this class as well.

Entering Middle School
Opportunity #5 - Elementary Graduation Celebration  When kids are getting ready to move out of elementary and into middle school, it can be a stressful time for not only the kids, but their parents as well.  Parents are getting ready to have a teenager and many are freaking out at the prospect of their "baby" growing up.  How do we parent in the teen years?  How can I prepare my child for the middle school years?  How can I make sure my child has good friends?

These are all questions they are thinking about and they are wide open to your advice that is based on God's Word.

The graduation celebration is a class parents and kids attend together.  It includes fun, interactive teaching about how to thrive in the middle school years.  At the end of the class, you move into a time of celebration where parents read a blessing over their child.  There will be tears of joy and love during this time.  I promise you.  It is an experience that kids and parents remember for the rest of their life.

And it provides a smooth transition into middle school...which is a big move for many families.

Now that you've got an overview of this strategy, I want to get it into your hands.  That's why I've created a package deal that will save you a significant amount of money.  If you purchase all of the milestones separately, it would be $245.  But for a limited time, I'm making all 5 milestone events available for only $199.  

You'll get all 5 milestones sent to you on a USB drive.  Everything is editable and ready to customize for your ministry.  And you get to keep the USB drive as a gift.

If you'd like to see more info. on any of the classes, you can click on the picture captions above and it will take you to a page that has samples of the lesson, video samples, etc.  

You can order the package deal at this link.
  Don't miss this great opportunity to truly influence the parents and their kids in your ministry.