10 Apps Every Children's Ministry Leader Needs on Their Phone

I remember the first mobile phone I owned way back in the day.  It was the size of a brick.  It was cutting-edge technology at the time.

There were no apps on the phone.  Unless you count being able to call and talk with someone as an app. 

Fast forward to today and our phones have gotten "smart."  It's like having a computer in your hands.  And if you have the right apps on your phone, it can make a big difference in your productivity as a leader.

Here are 10 apps that I'm a fan of and like to use for ministry purposes.

I'm sure you're familiar with Instagram and probably use it.  I like to use it to post not only family updates, but ministry updates as well.  It's a great way to interact with and encourage your volunteers.  An example is posting a picture of one of your volunteers serving and brag on them in the comments.

It's also great for sharing upcoming events or programs.
It can also be used to share with parents what you talked about on Sunday and giving them conversation starters/questions to discuss at home.

This app helps you create great backgrounds and text for sharing quotes or key truths.

If you use Pro Presenter for your media presentations, you can use this app to control your own slides during your talk or lesson.

This app lets you send files, images, videos, etc. directly to someone else's phone, tablet or computer.

Bible (YouVersion)
I use this to look up verses, read scripture, share Scripture, etc.  It has reading plans, a choice of which version you want to read from, the verse of the day, etc.

Bible App for Kids
I love to use this app to share Bible stories with kids.  It is interactive and captures kids' attention.  It's a great tool to teach kids key Bible stories.  They add new stories on a regular basis.

I use this app to listen to podcasts, songs, etc.

Google Calendar
I sync this with the calendar on my laptop and it keeps me on track with appointments, phone calls, deadlines, etc.

Photoshop Express
Gives you lots of creative and editing options for pictures you take with your phone.

Buffer allows you to schedule your social media posts for a specific time.  I put my quotes, posts, etc. in early in the morning and then buffer sends them out at the time(s) I have specified.

Wow! Can't believe I got to 10 that quickly.  Here are some honorable mentions.

Video teleprompter - turns your phone, tablet, or laptop into a teleprompter.

Share Your Faith - a simple, yet powerful way to share your faith with someone else.  Great illustrations and verses help you share a clear Gospel presentation.

Magisto - you can use this to make cool videos with lots of editing and creative options.

Evernote - great app to organize your notes, to-do-lists, etc.  Can be synced across all your devices as well as the ability to collaborate with other people on projects.

Filemanger - I often use this app to organize and store my notes for talks / messages I give.  You can use it across devices.  I have it on my iPad and iPhone and use it for my notes when speaking.

Okay.  Your turn to share.  What are some of your favorite apps that you use for ministry?  Many of you are a lot more techie than me and you've got some great ones I've never even heard of.  We'd love to see what you're using.  You can share in the comment section below.