Ministry Blind Spots...Find Them...Fix Them

Every ministry has blind spots.  Being an insider, you can't see them.  That's why they are called blind spots.

A blind spot may be something that is missing.

A blind spot may be something that's not working anymore, but you can't see it because that's just what you've always done.

A blind spot may be something that needs to be added.  A tweak or adjustment that can really make a big difference in your effectiveness.

A blind spot may be facilities that need to be updated or adjusted for optimum usage.

The thing is this.  You can't fix something you can't see.

One of the best things you can do for your ministry is to bring in outside eyes.  Outside eyes can help you find your blind spots.  Why?  Because you have unfamiliarity working for you.  You get a fresh perspective.  You get new insight.

Do you resonate with this?  I sure do.  Often when someone came to visit my ministry, I would ask them to be brutally honest with me and tell me what they saw - weaknesses, strengths, flaws, etc.  Once I received the feedback, I was able to talk through them and make adjustments that would benefit us.

As you draw closer to a new ministry year, consider having someone help you find and fix your ministry blind spots.

I am passionate about helping children's ministries and churches be more effective.  That's why I am committed to helping ministries find and fix their blind spots.  One little tweak can make a huge difference.

Do you want to improve your ministry this coming year?  Do you want to find and fix your blind spots?  I can help you.  With 29 years of ministry experience, I know what to look for, the questions that need to be asked and how to help you make adjustments that will make a huge difference in your effectiveness.

If you'd like to have me come to your ministry and help you find and fix your ministry blind spots, then you can connect with me here. I am currently booking ministries for 2019 and spots are filling up fast.

What does it look like?  How can I help you find and fix your blind spots?

Here's how.

I observe your ministry during your weekend services and provide you with a thorough, written evaluation with practical steps you can take to improve your ministry in all areas...from the parking lot to check-in to the nursery to signage to classrooms to safety and security and everything in between.

  • 30 minute pre-evaluation phone call
  • 1 hour pre-evaluation on-site meeting
  • on-site evaluation of weekend services and programs
  • written evaluation report with suggested steps
  • 1 hour post-evaluation meting
Many churches also have me do a volunteer training while I am there.  I can work with the budget you set aside for this.

2019 can be your best ministry year ever if you find and fix your blind spots.  You can reach me at