Thankful for You...Children's Ministry Leader

Children's ministry leader - one thing I am thankful for today is you.

I am thankful for your heart to see the next generation know Jesus and live for Him.

I am thankful for your vision that helps you see the potential of the next generation.

I am thankful for your faithfulness.  You lean in when others pull back.

I am thankful for how you choose to live for others instead of for yourself.

Some of you reading this haven't heard those two words (thank you) in a long time.  If that's your situation, I want you to know that you matter and your ministry matters.  You might not get many thank you's here on earth, but one day you will hear the words...

"Well done, good and faithful servant.  Great is your reward in heaven."

Thank you for faithfully showing up.

Thank you for nurturing and caring for the little ones.

Thank for helping kids get connected through small groups.

Thank you for giving your most precious possession to children - your time.

Thank you for loving and nurturing children with special needs.

Thank you for leading kids into the presence of God through worship.

Thank you for understanding that it's about passing on the faith to the next generation.  

Thank you for praying for the children you minister to.

Thank you for living for others.

Thank you for seeing what really matters.

Thank you for discipling children and preparing them to spiritually lead their generation.

One day in heaven, you'll hear those words from your Heavenly Father and every investment you made in the next generation will be worth it a thousand times over.

Happy Thanksgiving.