Notes from the Kidmin GIG (Children's & Family Ministry Round Table)

Four years ago, I founded a round table for the children's ministers of the 30 largest churches in the nation. These are churches that have over 10,000 people attend their weekend services.  These leaders impact thousands of kids and families each weekend.

Each year, we gather to learn from each other. Rather than being a lecture based conference, the round table is a conversation about how to be more effective in our churches.  Ideas are shared.  Mistakes are talked through and learned from.  Culture is examined.  Trends are discussed.  Challenges and opportunities are shared.

We meet in February each year at one of the churches that participates.  This year, we met at Elevation Church in the Charlotte area.  Under the leadership of the staff and volunteer teams, they have become one of the largest and fastest growing churches in the country. 

I take notes during the round table and then share them with other churches.  No matter your church size, there are lots of things you can learn and glean from the discussion notes.  And so I'm making them available to you.  You can go to the link below to download the discussion notes and other handouts that were shared.

My prayer is that these ideas and insight will encourage you and spark fresh ideas for you and your ministry.

The Gospel still works and is just as powerful as it has always been.  God is moving.  Jesus is changing lives.  Families are being reached.  Kids are discovering how to follow Jesus.

You can download the notes and documents for free at this link