Take One Step Today to Be a Better Leader Tomorrow

There are lots of steps you can take to be a better leader. 

So many, that sometimes we get overwhelmed by all the steps that are available.

Let's talk about several steps you can take today that will help you be a more effective leader tomorrow. 

But here is my challenge to you.  Take one step.  That's it.  Just one step.  You see, the best way to become a better leader is to focus on taking one step at a time.

Okay.  Let's talk about some steps you can take.  As you read through these, watch for one step that really grabs your attention.  That's the one step you can take today, so you can be a better leader tomorrow.

Step  - Emphasize the "why" of the ministry.  Don't let the "why" of the ministry get overlooked in the busyness of doing the "what" of the ministry.  Example.  A greeter can lose sight of why he/she is standing at a door and welcoming people.  The what is holding the door for people.  But go deeper and help them see that the "why" is creating an environment that makes people feel welcome, accepted and important. 

Become a better leader by reminding team members "why" they are serving in the role they are in.

Step - Cast fresh vision.  Vision leaks.  That means it has to be re-cast on a regular basis.  Invigorate your ministry by casting a fresh vision.  People want to be part of something bigger than they can accomplish alone.  Vision brings excitement.  Vision causes people to give their best effort.  Vision unites a team and causes the members of the team to reach for, to stretch for, something they want to accomplish together.    

Step - Be driven by what you value.  Are you doing what you are doing because you believe in it?  Do you highly value what you are putting your efforts into?  Do you wake up excited about what's on the agenda for the day?  If you want the team to be driven, then you must first be driven to see what you value become a reality. 

Step - Establish a few, clear goals.  Make them attainable.  Make them measurable.  Make them focused.  Make it clear what the goal is so the team understands expectations.

Here's an example.  Set a goal that every child will hear their name spoken while they are at church.  Give team members a plan for this, so they can ensure it happens.  

Step - Be a coach.  Offer feedback today to someone on the team.  Spend time coaching a team member today.  Take someone to lunch and offer them feedback that will help them improve.  Purchase a book that everyone reads together and discusses.  Help team members avoid some errors  you made in your early days of leading.  Encourage.  Push.  Align.  Recognize effort. 

Step - Deepen relationships.  Everything I've mentioned above must be grounded in relationship if it's going to succeed.  Do something today that will deepen your relationships with team members.  Perhaps it's taking someone to lunch.  Perhaps it's writing someone an encouraging note.  Perhaps it's praying with someone.  Perhaps it's asking how they are doing and listening...really listening, as they share.

Which of these steps...just one for today....do you need to take?  Invest today and reap the benefits tomorrow.

p.s. And of course, it's not one step and done.  It takes a step each day to continue moving forward as a leader.  The good news...there is a compound effect of taking a step every day.  Those steps add up and will keep you moving forward in your leadership.