What if Kids Could Walk Out of Your Classroom?

I was thinking about this scenario yesterday.

What if kids were allowed to get up and walk out of your classroom if they got bored?  

We know they can't do that in real life.  They would be stopped if they tried to. 

But what if we told the kids at the beginning of the class, "If you get bored during this lesson, feel free to get up and leave.  I won't try to stop you."

Would many of them get up and walk out?  I know there were times when I was a child that I would have loved to walk out of a classroom because it was painful to sit through it.

I wouldn't blame them if they walked out.  Often churches bore kids to the point where they are miserable. 

We take the greatest message in the world, that Jesus loves them and wants to be their best friend, and present it with a lackadaisical delivery.  And then we hear them say "it was boring" and wonder why. 

The issue is not the message.  We have the greatest topic in human history.  Jesus loves you and died on the cross for your sins, so you could spend eternity with Him.  It doesn't get any better than that.

The issue is the presentation of the message.  We take the greatest message ever and yawn as we share it.  And then we wonder why the kids say they are bored.

But it doesn't have to be that way.  You can make church the best hour of a child's week.  In these articles, I share how to get and keep kids excited about coming church.  To the point where kids will be dragging their parents to church rather than parents having to drag their kids to church and then forcing them to stay.  

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