New Movie Shows the Battle for the Next Generation Gets Younger and Younger

There used to be a day when the battle for the next generation was in the high school years.  And that meant we had to focus on discipling older teens.

Then it appeared to drop down to middle school students.

Today, the battle has shifted even lower...down into the elementary years.

Today's pre-teens (tweens) are being targeted.   They are facing things that used to be approached in the older teen years.

An example is the upcoming movie "Good Boys."  Want to see what direction the movie is pushing pre-teens toward?  You can see a preview below.  It is especially heart breaking to see how the movie pushes sex toward pre-teens.

The movie follows three 12-year-olds through a journey involving a peeping Tom drone, club drugs trapped in a childproof bottle and nunchucks that are actually anal beads.  The children also curse throughout the film and engage in talk about sex.

Please join me in prayer and active ministry with today's pre-teens.  The next generation needs us to boldly proclaim God's truth and principles for living a life set apart to God. Now is not the time to be complacent.  We must reach and disciple those who follow behind us.  While the world may make sin appealing, we know the way to true peace, happiness and fulfillment is found in a relationship with Jesus.

Will you join me in praying for the next generation?  They are facing temptations and falsities that kids used to face in middle school and high school.

Join me in praying for parents as they seek to teach and train their children from an early age in the ways of God.  We must provide teaching and resources that will help and empower parents to have crucial conversations with their children.

We must serve in children's ministries so we can reach children for Jesus before they are entrapped by the snares of the one whose goal is to kill, steal and destroy the next generation. 

Watch this preview of the upcoming movie "Good Boys"and you will see an eye-opening example of the battle we are in for the next generation.

Warning: the preview contains cursing and sexual references.