25 Largest Children's Ministries in the Nation (2019)

Each year, Outreach magazine puts out a list of the largest and fastest growing churches in the nation.  Without exception, the churches always have a great children's ministry.  We know that children's ministry makes a big impact not only in the children's area, but on the entire church.  Children's ministry can be a major growth factor for a church.

If a large church is missing from the list, it's because they decided not to report their attendance this year. 

I personally know many of the leaders on this list and trust me, their passion is to reach the next generation.  The size of their church is simply a by-product of that passion.  They know that behind every number is a name of a person that Jesus loves and died for.  And they want people to experience the love of Jesus as they have. 

The current size of your church should not be your main focus.  Your main focus should be the people outside the walls of your church who need Jesus.  That's what should keep us up at night - the people in our community who are far from God.

Transfer growth shouldn't be our goal.  Growth by reaching lost people is what we should be about. 

Some of you reading this are serving in small towns where you don't have millions of people around you to reach.  But percentage wise, you may be larger than some of the churches on this list.  I have a friend that pastors a church in a town of 7,000 people. He reaches over 500 people each weekend.  He is reaching a great percentage of the people in his community.  So be encouraged, no matter where God has placed you, you can reach people for Christ and grow. 

Here is the list.  I have put links for the children's ministry for each of these so you can click and lean more about their ministry.  There is something we can learn from every church on this list. 

1. North Point - Waumba Land and Upstreet and Kidstuf
2. Christ Church of the Valley Kids' Ministry
3. Gateway Kids
4. Southeast Christian Kids' Ministry
5. Saddleback Kids 
6. Eagle Brook Kids' Ministry
7. Bayside Kids' Ministry
8. Second Baptist Kids' Ministry
9. Mount Zion Kid's Ministry
10. New Life Kids'
11. Flat Irons Kids'
12. KidVenture Island
13. Community Bible Church Kids' Ministry
14. Red Rocks Church - Kids' Rock
15. World Overcomers Church / Kids' Extreme Team
16. Lutheran Church of Hope Kids
17. Rock Kids
18. North Coast Kids' Ministry
19. Lake Pointe Kids
20. Northview Kids 
21. Valley Bible Fellowship Kids
22. Pinelake Kids
23. Shepherd Kids
24. Summit Kids
25. Mariner's Kids

A few years ago, I started a round table with the leaders of many of these children's ministries.  We get in a room together and share what's working, what's not working, current trends, challenges, new ministry ideas, how to continue to grow, etc. 

We will be meeting again in February 2020.  I take notes during the discussions.  If you would like a copy of the notes, I can send them to you.  Just drop me an email at dale@buildingchildrensministry.com and I'll be glad to email it to you after it's over.