12 Months of Spiritual Growth for Kids

Do you want to see the kids in your ministry grow in their faith?

A determining factor will be WHAT you teach them.

Will you randomly teach them familiar Bible stories?

Will you use a denominational curriculum, even if it doesn't have a clear strategy to reach and disciple kids?

Will you teach a curriculum that is dry and talk heavy?

If you sense there is a shortcoming in what you are teaching now or if you'd like something new and exciting, I'd like to invite you to check out my curriculum.  It is called Connect 12.  The name reflects the strategy.  Connect kids to one key truth each month for one year.  The curriculum starts at salvation and takes kids on a journey all the way to spiritual maturity.  It is designed for elementary age kids.

Each series comes with fun activities, group discussions, hands-on activities, captivating videos and engaging content.  Your kids will love it!

But more than that, you will see kids "get it" as you plant the lessons in their long-term memory.

Each lesson in this curriculum has passed through a grid I created.  The grid ensures that in each lesson, kids' learning styles, senses and other components of creating long-term memory are used.

Here is a big guarantee.  Kids will be able to recall the key point in each series a year later.  I have personally seen it happen and you will too.  With this curriculum, you are going to see lasting impact as kids live out what they've experienced.

And here's another big guarantee.  Your discipline problems will go away.  Connect 12 honors kids' attention spans and has a flow that keeps kids engaged and excited about learning. It is also big on application so kids become not just hearers of the Word, but doers as well. 

These series have been tested and used in a local church setting with great success.   

Below are the series.  You can click on each one to get more details and an overview of what will be taught and experienced.  The series can be used for Sunday morning or mid-week.

There are also great series for Easter and Christmas.   

Let's partner in teaching kids these valuable truths that will take them to spiritual maturity.