Great Devo Book for Kids - Check It Out

My friend, Andy Brown, is the children's pastor at Treasure Coast Community Church in South Florida.  He is also the author of an amazing devo book for kids called "Destroy This Devo."

Read what he says about this cutting-edge devo book for kids.

Written to maximize children’s hands-on time with Scripture, "Destroy This Devo: A 35 Day Devotional for Kids" encourages children to read the Bible and hear what God has to say to them.

But this devotional does not take your conventional approach.  The devotional is designed to keep children interested and engaged in the Bible by letting children wreak havoc on the book while hearing God’s Word and learning how to apply it to their lives.
Destroy This Devo is designed to let kids express themselves creatively by more than just coloring pictures and cutting out images.  Things will get stuck in it, stuff will be thrown at it, and the book will even turn into a literal microphone among just some of the mayhem.  It also encourages families to work together to bond and grow just as it is written in Deuteronomy 6:6-7.

This book was first released early last year and I have had multiple families relay story after story and personal testimonies of their children wanting to read Destroy This Devo every day.  Their children looked forward to some of the kooky but intentional activities that have helped them memorize scripture and grow closer as a family.
One mom snuck in on her little reading his Bible on his own.  Something she never saw him do. Another parent couldn’t thank me enough for creating time an opportunity in his day to spend with his daughters doing things outside of the ordinary in God’s Word.  Something they all looked forward to.
Destroy This Devo is intended to be used with children ranging from the second to sixth grade. However, I have had few families email me about their young children memorizing some of the Bible verses.

One of my favorite Scripture verse is Mark 10:15 “Truly I tell you if anyone does not receive the Kingdom like a child, they will never enter it."
My hope is that this book will motivate children to read their Bibles while they are young each day with their families to understand more about God’s love and plans for them while having fun they won’t forget.  The doors to conversations that can take place are endless.

The end result of what the book looks like after they complete it, is another true message I hope they gather: “Whatever their book looks like in the end, it has now been made uniquely amazing.  Just the way we are all uniquely made and loved in Christ.”

The devo book is available at Amazon and Barnes & Nobel,

We are giving away a copy of this devo book to one of our readers.  You can enter by simply emailing me.  Next Friday we will announce the winner and send you a copy.