How the Pandemic is Affecting the Next Generation

If you read my recent post about the Alpha Generation, you know this is the next generation that is following Gen Z.

At the time of this writing, they represent kids born between 2010 up to 2025.  Presently there are 9,000 Gen Alpha babies born every day.  The oldest are 9 years old and the youngest have yet to be born.  They are the first generation born entirely to Millennials. 

The current pandemic has affected them.  And rightly so.  Can you imagine being a child during this time?  Your world suddenly gets closed.  Can't go to the playground.  Can't go to the store.  Can't go to school.  Can't play sports.  

The pandemic is affecting some kids more than others.  For some, fear and uncertainly is high.  For others, it hasn't bothered them at all.  

Let's take a look at how the pandemic is affecting many kids and families. 

Gen Alpha has lost time in their school year experience.  And they are being introduced to new formats of teaching.  Some of these new formats may stay changed because it offers more flexible ways of teaching in a digital world.

Alpha kids love to play and have outdoors experiences.  They love sharing experiences with their parents and friends.  They value doing things with their family over stuff.   Once the lockdown is lifted, kids will be anxious to get out of the house and experience some things.  

This is going to provide churches with the opportunity to reach and invest in lots of kids and families through created experiences like family worship, family activities, family camp, daddy-daughter dance and so many more things.

Many kids have passed the time by being in front of a screen.  Video games.  TV.  Bing watching. Old favorite moves and shows.  Texting friends.  In some cases, learning through a screen.  I predict a drop in screen time for awhile after the lockdown is lifted and kids are able to get out and go places and do fun things.

Kids have been spending the majority of their time with their parents.  In most cases, this has brought Millennial parents and their Gen Alpha kids closer together and deepened their relationship.  Families will be closer to each other, share more and value their time together.

ONLINE CHURCH VS. CHURCH IN PERSON.  Tomorrow I will dive deeper into this. Stay tuned.

As ministry leaders, this is a great opportunity to invest in children and inspire them to make a difference in the world.  How will you empower them?  How will you equip them?  How will you encourage them?  

How they see the world and the difference they can make for Christ, depends on the partnership between you and their parents.