How to Lead Well Through Major Change

The coronavirus has caused all of us to make some major changes in how we do ministry, hasn't it?

Pre-virus there were only a handful of kid's ministries that offered their kids' services streaming or on demand.

Now nearly every ministry in the country is streaming their weekend kids' services as well as other times they can engage kids and their parents.

Change is never easy.  Especially when you are forced into it. 

There is no doubt the way we do ministry will change in some aspects due to the virus.  Wherever change leads us, we must be prepared to lead well through it.

Let's take a look at a few of the ways you can effectively lead well through change.

Lead well through change by having excellent communication.  Focus first on the "why" behind the change rather than just the "what" of the change.  Explain the purpose of the change.  Share how it is connected to the values of your team.  Show the benefits that will help the ministry become stronger.  Communicate early and often.

"You can't leave team members in the dark during the week and then expect them to shine on Sunday."

Lead well through change by including team members in the decision making.  It is crucial that you bring people together to plan out the steps to the change.  When there is collaboration, there is buy-in.  The change will go a lot better if you include people in the planning.  And remember this...

"The smartest person in the room is the room."

Lead well through change by being resilient.  Change is not easy.  That's why you can't give up.  Stay focused.  Stay positive.  Guard your heart. 

Some of your plans you may not see come to fruition until years from now.  And you'll probably have some miscues and blunders along the way.  But don't be diverted by these things.  Stay faithful.  God is by your side and it will come to pass in His time.

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