50 Things Today's Kids Don't Know About

Today's kids are not yesterday's kids.  Yes, you've been a kid, but you've never been a kid today. 

Things have changed.  Lots of things have changed.  Today's kids are growing up in a different world than you and I did.  It's important we keep up with the culture and challenges that today's kids are facing. 

Here are some reminders that times have changed.  Here are 50 things that today's kids don't know about.

1. Inserting a VHS tape into a VCR.  Go to any thrift store and you will see lots of old VHS movies for sale.

2.  When you could only get 3-4 channels on a television.  Maybe 5, if you turned the outside antenna just right and you held the rabbit ears at the right angle.

3.  Not having a remote control for the television.  In fact, the kids were the remote control.

4.  Television went off at midnight.  They played the national anthem and then the channels went off until the next morning.

5. There was a time before reality tv.

6. The squeal of a modem connecting.

7. Floppy disks.

8. Blowing the dust out of a video game cartridge with the hopes it will work this time.

9. Having to delete something to make room on your computer's hard drive.

10. Using the encyclopedia to find information.

11. Road atlas.

12. Phone books.

13. Yellow pages.

14. Newspapers and magazines made from trees.

15. Not knowing what your friends are doing and thinking every moment.

16. When spam was just a meat product.

17. Typewriters.

18. 35 mm film for a camera.

19. Sending film away to be developed.

20. CB radios.

21. Rotary dial telephones.

22. Answering machines.

23. Pay phones / phone booth.

24. Fax machines.

25. Remembering phone numbers.

26. Going to Blockbuster to rent a movie.

27. Writing a check.

28. Having to rewind a VHS tape to watch it again.

29. 8-track tapes

30. Cell phones that were the size of a brick.

31. Stretching the cord on the phone for more privacy.

32. TV guide.

33. Hard copy encyclopedias.

34. Super-sizing fries.

35. Having a pager.

36. MySpace.

37. AOL.

38. Taping your favorite movie on a VHS tape and then someone taping over it before you have a chance to watch it.

39. Sears' catalogue.

40. Cereal with a prize at the bottom of the box.

41. Pogs...and slamming Pogs.

42. Cassette tapes.

43. Car windows that had to be rolled up.

44. Overhead projectors.

45. "Hanging" up the phone.

46. Riding in the back of a station wagon with no seat belts on.

47. TV's that had a big back on them and weighted like 500 pounds.

48. Video game joy sticks.

49. Hand-written letters.

50. Sending film away to be processed.

These were things today's kids don't know about.  It's nice for us to take a stroll down memory lane occasionally, but that can't be our focus. 

Our focus must be on today's kids.  We must take the initiative and find out what they like and don't like.  What are the key elements of their culture?  How can you use current culture to connect with today's kids? 

I often say we are missionaries to today's kids.  We must do what a missionary does.  Learn what they like.  Learn what they don't like.  Learn what music appeals to them.  Find out what movies and entertainment catches their attention?

When we keep up with these things, it gives us talking points with them and shows them we really do care about them as a person.

Your turn. What else do today's kids not know about?  Share your thoughts, ideas and insight in the comment section below.