10 Questions To Ask When Hiring a Children's Ministry Director

This past weekend I was consulting with a church that is hiring a children's director. 

I was helping them conduct interviews with the people who had applied for the position. 

I have a list of questions that I asked the candidates.  Thought I would share the questions with you.  

These questions can also be used with a volunteer who is stepping up to assume more leadership responsibility as a volunteer. 

 1. Can you tell me about your relationship with Jesus?  When did you enter a relationship with Him?  What do you do to grow in your faith?

 2. Why are you applying for this position?  What drew you to this?  Why do you want to be a children's director?

 3. What are your strengths?  What comes easy for you?

 4. What are some things you are working on to get better at?

 5. What are 3 goals you would set and try to accomplish in your first year?

6.  Can you tell me about a time when there was conflict in a previous job and how you handled it?

7. Children's ministry is about the volunteers who make the ministry happen just as much as about the kids who are part of it. How would you build and equip a volunteer team?  What experience do you have leading adults?

8. How would you partner with parents and equip them to disciple their children?

9. Have you taken a personality test?  If yes, what were the results?  If you haven't would you be willing to take one?

10. What have I not asked you that I should ask you?  

The children's ministry director is one of the most critical hires you can make.  Get the right person and they can help the children's ministry become a major growth engine for the church.  

And think about this.  No one, besides the Pastor, has more contact and influence with the people in your church.  The children's director ministers to babies, preschoolers, elementary, pre-teens, students who serve, adults who serve, parents and grandparents.

This is not an exhaustive list of questions.  What are some other questions you ask potential hires?  Share your thoughts and insight with us in the comment section below.