One Simple Thing You Can Do to Connect With Preschoolers

Want to connect well with preschoolers?  Today, let's talk about a simple thing you can do to connect well with preschoolers.  

What do you think it is?

Let me give you a clue that might reveal what it is.

When Walt Disney was building Disneyland, he had the construction workers get down on their knees so they could see through the eyes of a child and build from that viewpoint.   

Especially when they were building the stores and shops on main street.  And in some of their bathrooms you will see short urinals and sinks made for kids.

Figured it out yet?  Here's the answer.  

When you are talking with a preschooler, get down on their eye level.  You can bend over or better yet kneel down in front of them so you can talk with them face-to-face.  

We forget what it's like to be a small child looking up at this giant person talking down to us.  It's hard to make good eye contact when the person is way above you.

What kind of impact would it make this weekend, if your volunteers and greeters got down on their knees, looked the children in the eyes and said, "We are so excited that you are here.  We've been waiting all week to see you!"

I have personally watched this happen and saw the children respond with a smile and eagerness to join in with the class.  

Try it this weekend and watch what happens.