The Kids of 2020

Today's kids are living in the shadow of Covid-19.  They face challenges and opportunities that most of us never faced when we were growing up.  

Let's take a closer look at the unique traits and situations that are defining today's kids.

These stats and findings can provide relevant topics for kids' lessons, parenting classes and more.

A recent report from Kidscreen revealed that...

29% of families are facing financial strain.

27% of kids are struggling with the "new normal."

22% worry about their family.

37% worry about their families' health.

17% worry about their own health.

26% worry about their friends.

30% say their are bored most of the time.

47% are unsure how long they have to stay at home.

Kids ages 6 to 12 describe themselves as...

  • depressed or sad - 11%
  • stressed or overwhelmed - 10%
  • mad or frustrated - 7%
  •  scared or worried - 6%

Issues kids are concerned about...

  • racism
  • gender equality
  • human rights

Kids miss their friends, but are keeping in touch with...

  • phone calls - 38%
  • FaceTime - 37%
  • texting - 32%
  • Zoom calls - 28%
  • video game chats - 27%
  • social media - 23%  

32% of parents say they have grown closer to their children during this pandemic. 

15 million were out of school due to the pandemic in the month of April.

3 out of 4 kids around the world are still unable to access remote learning because they live in rural or poor households.

77% of parents took over their child's education through homeschooling.

1 in 4 elementary schools did not implement any digital learning solutions.

37% of parents say they have struggled to find a balance between teaching and working.

How kids are spending their time...

29% - using a camera

27% - playing video games

65% - using a smartphone

82% - watching TV

36% - reading a book

48% - playing outside

11% - hanging out with friends

Top activities families like to do together...

69% - watching TV or movies

67% - cooking and baking

62% - playing video games

61% - playing cards or board games

51% - building things with Legos and models

52% - art crafts and projects

What is selling?  Top 3 brands among kids 6 to 12 years old.




Consumer spending 

video games increased by $700 million dollars in the first quarter

skateboards -  107%

arts and craft supplies - 11%

books - 117%

webcams - 116%

activity books - 458%

puzzles - 37%

non-fiction books and school books - 127%

outdoor sports and toys - 27%

keyboards - 62% 

This data provides great insight into the lives of the kids of 2020.  I would encourage you to take these findings and use it as a guideline as you prepare lessons, activities, games, etc. for both your online kids and kids who are worshiping in person.  This list is a great resource for teaching topics, skits, games and other parts of your kids' worship.'s kids are not yesterday's kids.  Things are much different than when you were a kid. We must be willing to adapt and make changes to be relevant for today's kids.