The Latest on Covid-19 and Kids

Gen Z (ages 8 to 23)  and Gen Alpha (ages 7 and below) are being shaped by the continuation of Covid-19. 

Let's look at some key areas where the virus continues to influence and change their way of life.

Relationships. Kids are missing their friends, but are keeping in touch through...

  • phone calls (38%)
  • Face Time (37%)
  • Texting (32%)
  • Zoom calls (28%)
  • Video game chats (27%)
  • Social media (23%) 

 How they are spending their time:  

  • using a camera (29%)
  • playing game on handheld device (27%)
  • smartphone (65%)
  • watching TV (82%)
  • reading a book (36%)
  • playing outside (48%)
  • hanging out with friends (19%)
 Activities enjoyed with their family:
  • watching TV or movies (29%)
  • cooking or baking (67%)
  • playing cards or board games (61%)
  • building things (like Lego set) - (51%)
  • arts and crafts (52%)

Top 3 brands:

  • YouTube
  • McDonalds
  • Oreo's 
 Spending money on:
  • skateboards and scooters (+107%)
  • art and craft supplies (+11%)
  • language and arts books (+117%)
  • web cams (+116%)
  • activity books (+458%)
  • puzzles (+37%)
  • school and education books (+125%)
  • ebooks (+12%)
  • outdoor toys and equipment (+27%)
  • keyboards (+62%)

How can you use this info. to connect with Covid-19 kids and their parents?

How can you use this info. to encourage parents to disciple their kids at home?

How can you incorporate these findings in a lesson or strategy?

What tools or resources can you create using the information above? 

What can you learn from the brands that are most popular with kids?

How can you create activities that parents can do with their children at home?

Covid-19 has definitely been a game changer...especially for the next generation.  Let's give our time and resources to minister to them during this time.  Let's rethink and re-imagine how we can reach and disciple them.  Let's figure out ways to come alongside parents and encourage them and help guide them during these times of unprecedented change.

Your turn.  In the comment section below, share some ideas or insight you have about ministering to kids and parents during this pandemic.