5 Steps to Take When You Enter a New Ministry

In a new ministry role?  In the process of following God's call to a new leadership adventure?  Need to hit refresh on the ministry you are currently leading? 

Let's look at 5 key steps to take.

#1 - Get to know your team members.  People are not going to follow you because of your title.  They will follow you because they love and respect you.  And that is something that has to be earned. 

Your new team members want to know you care about them and their interests.  Once they know this, they will follow your lead from their heart instead of just from their head.  

So-so leaders are followed because they are the "boss."

Great leaders are followed because people believe in them and respect them.       

#2 - Listen more than you talk.  Ask lots of questions.  Don't come across as a know-it-all.  Great leaders ask more questions than they give answers.  Great questions lead to great insight.

#3 - Share your journey with them.  Share with them how you got to where you are.  Tell them some personal stories that you have went through on your journey. 

#4 - Make coffee.  Don't be the one who takes the last cup of coffee and then leaves the coffee pot empty.  Take the initiative and make the coffee.  Be a servant leader.  Remember - it's not about how many people serve you.  Rather, it's about how many people you serve. 

#5 - Add value.  Your goal should be to add value to the people around you.  How can you invest in them?  How can you help them grow as leaders?  How can you help them improve?

Rather than focusing on the actions of the ministry, focus on the actions of the leaders of the ministry.  Help them become better leaders.  Help them grow personally.  

If you help your team members become better leaders, the natural result is the ministry will get better.

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