Families Are Creating Fun Content

Not long ago, I wrote an article about creating online content for families.

I'd like to follow up with some fresh ideas about this and present another option that can really help you connect with the families in your ministry.

Covid-19 has given families more time at home.  And often families, who are used to living in a busy, busy schedule, become bored with the extra time they are home together. 

We know that families are consuming media to help counter the boredom.  They are watching movies together, playing video games, listening to music, etc. 

But a trend has arisen with families that is definitely worth considering if you minister to kids and parents. 

Here is the trend - Families are now not just consuming media.  They are becoming creators of it as well.  Kids are having their parents join them in making creative videos and uploading them to YouTube, TikToK and social media sites. 

44% of kids say their favorite part of being home is they get to spend more time with their parents.

Creating media content has become the new family game night.  Board games, are being set aside for making videos together.  

Here are some of the fun online content they are creating:

Sibling Challenge - parents answer questions and chose which child the answers pertain to.  

I'm Just a Kid - families recreate family photos through video.

Hi, Mom/Dad - a celebration of kids calling their moms and dads into the video shot and honoring them.

Families creating content is not going away.  In fact, it's likely to gain more momentum.  With so much happening online now, parents have had to embrace technology at a whole new level.  Parents, who are looking for ways to spend more time with their children, are following their children's lead in this.

This provides children and family ministries a great way to connect with families through technology.  

Here are a few ideas that churches are doing with this.

Have families film themselves acting out the Bible story they learned that week at church or home and post it online.  

Invite families to use creative ways to go over the Bible verse of the week or month and film and post what they do. 

Encourage families to act out some skits they create about applying the main teaching point that week.  An example might be a lesson about kindness.  They could create and film a situation where the kids and parents act out kindness.

Have families create "video commercials" that promote an upcoming event or program.  They can then post it online and use it to invite their unchurched friends, team mates, school mates, etc. to come.

The possibilities are many.  And it's a great way for kids (and parents) to reinforce, remember and apply what they heard at church and home.

(p.s. If families can't attend in person due to the pandemic, you can email them the content and let them create from that.)

Your turn.  Are you doing this?  Have you tried doing something like this in the past?  What is the key to getting families to jump in and do this?  What other ideas do you have for something like this?

Share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below.