Podcasts For Kids

Did you know that kids are listening to podcasts? 

According to research by the U.S. nonprofit "Kids Listen," 63% of the those surveyed said they have been listening to podcasts for a year or more. 

Those surveyed were...

5-to-6 year olds (35%)

7-to-8 year olds (38%)

9-10 year olds (31%).

The survey also revealed what kids want to hear in a podcast.

69% are into "stories" (narrative fictional pieces).

56% like podcasts about science.

32% like fact-based non-fiction.

49% listen to podcasts for the fun and entertainment value.

33% listen for education purposes.

25% see it as something to do in the car.

75% of the kids who tune in are "active" listeners who like to fully focus on that content they are hearing.

Podcasts are also becoming a family event.  

63% of parents surveyed said they join their kids when they are listening to podcasts.  

59% listen along when the family is driving together. 

38% say they listen in while they are doing household chores together. 

What a great opportunity we have to reach and disciple kids through podcasts. 

It is also a great opportunity and tool to help parents disciple their kids at home, in the car, etc.

In the world of children's ministry there are lots of great podcasts for leaders.

But I am not aware of any podcasts that are geared for kids. 

Sounds like a wide-open door for someone to step up and use this tool to help disciple kids and their parents. 

Based on what the reports says, kids would love podcasts about...

stories in the Bible...

science from a Christian world-view...

fun jokes and riddles from the Bible...

interesting facts in the Bible...

and more.

Your turn.

Do you know anyone in the children's ministry world who is doing podcasts for kids?

Share the podcast information in the comment section below.