Worship Music for Kids by Travis August

Last year at a church where I was speaking, God crossed my path with Travis August.  

Travis is an incredibly gifted artist and is making an impact around the world.

Here is an example of one of his music videos.


Travis has a special place in his heart for kids' ministry and he agreed to partner with me to produce 12 brand new, original kids' worship songs.  The songs line up with our Connect 12 curriculum.  You can see more about the curriculum at this link.

These are songs that kids will actually sing.  Much of what churches are trying to get kids to sing today are adult worship songs that are too long and too complicated for kids to worship to.  This is why you will see many kids just standing there during worship.  But when you sing the songs that Travis wrote, you will see kids singing...even the 4-5th grade boys! 

Click here and you can see samples of the songs.  

You can get the entire album of 12 songs for only $39.00 or $9.99 per song when bought individually. 

When you purchase the songs, you get...

  • worship video with vocals
  • worship video without vocals
  • worship song with vocals
  • worship song without vocals
  • song lyrics
  • motion video led by Travis
Bring some new songs into your ministry. The kids will love it!