Millionaire Kids

When I was a kid, I enjoyed reading Richie Rich comic books and watching movies and television shows about him.

It was about a kid who had more money than He knew what to do with.  His parents were extremely wealthy and so Richie had an endless supply of money available. 

I sometimes thought about how cool it would be to have that much money available. 

Although Richie Rich was a fictional character at the time, his story could happen in today's culture and commerce flow.  

And it has happened and is happening now.  Kids are becoming millionaires thanks to an online company called "YouTube."  Unless you have been hibernating over the last few decades, you know about YouTube.

An example of kids becoming millionaires through YouTube is Ryan Kaji.  Ryan is the world's highest paid YouTube star.  Not only is he bringing in millions of dollars through YouTube, but his themed products are also being sold at Walmart, Target and other retailers.  His YouTube channel, Ryan's World, has 27.5 million subscribers.  These connections helped make him a millionaire before he could even count his age in double digits.

His YouTube show is a mix of cute, educational family-friendly themes like a make-your-own Playdough tutorial, DIY science experiments and playtime with his twin sisters.   This helps promote some 5,000 Ryan-themed products that generate more than $200 million at retail annually. 

Kaji’s cut makes up more than half of the $29.5 million payday that put him at the top of the 2020 Forbes list of the world’s highest-paid YouTube Stars. Yes...and at 9 years of age he is making $30 million for toy reviews and generating over $200 million in annual retail sales.  

As I think about the success this 9-year-old is having in the world of business, it reminds me to never discount what a child, even before the age of 10, can do when people believe in him or her and give them a chance to use their talents.  

It's time we started giving kids the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.  Kids can serve now.  Kids can make a difference now.  Kids can make significant impact now.  Kids can change the world now.  

Kids just need someone to believe in them and the talents God has given them.  They don't have to wait until they are adults to make a difference, they can make a difference now.  

You may have some "spiritual millionaires" sitting in your class or group or living in your house.  Will you give them an opportunity to change the world?